YellowBelly - Tin Can Of Emotion DIPA 440ml Can 9.5% ABV


Brewed by: Yellowbelly Beer

Style: DIPA

Country of Origin: Ireland (County Wexford)

ABV: 9.5%


It’s Baack! You asked, and we delivered. Its a beer we get asked about literally every week and we have finally listened! This is a true representation of a West Coast DIPA - reckless abandon for ABV and a dry-hopping schedule that just about pulls you back from the brink of losing your tastebuds into a blackhole. From the dankness, arises wafts of vanilla, orange and citrus fruits, right before you strap yourself in and dive headlong into a pineapple and grapefruit melange of beery goodness.

Don't keep it canned up, Let your emotions flow!