Northern Monk - Patrons Project 32.01 // Saint Croissants // Culinary Concepts 2.0 // Emperor’s Brewery // Imperial Banana Cronut Stout 440ml Can 14%ABV

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Brewed by: Northern Monk
Style: Imperial Pastry Stout
Country of Origin: England
ABV: 14%
Description: Take a ‘Go bananas’ cronut from Saint Croissant, bring in lord of imperial stout’s, Emperor’s Brewing, and smash everything together. The result is this monsterly decadent pastry stout with additions of peanut, biscoff and plenty of cacao nibs sitting on a complex stout base, all playing support to a huge banana puree addition to ensure this stout smells like someone dropped all of their foam bananas in your beer (because they pretty much did).