🍁 The Autumn Box 🍁


🍁 Autumn is here, and we have the perfect thing to keep you  warm on those chilly evenings 🍁

We have specially selected a box of 17 of your favourite 

17 cans of red ales, stouts, IPA's & DIPA's - FREE DELIVERY 

1 x YellowBelly Red Noir Dark Red Ale 440ml 4.5% ABV

1 x Lough Gill McNutty Macadamia Nut Brown Ale 440ml 5.5% ABV

1 x Rye River Brunch Baltic Breakfast Porter 440ml 9% ABV

1 x Siren Broken Dreams Breakfast Stout 330ml 6.5% ABV

1 x Lough Gill Anderson Irish Red Ale 440ml 4%  ABV

1 x The Garden Brewery Imperial Flat White Coffee Porter440ml  8.4%  ABV

1 x Northern Monk Death by Strannik Chocolate Imperial Stout 440ml 11.5% ABV

2 x White Hag Mochaccino Milk Stout 330ml 6.5% ABV

1 x Porterhouse Chocolate Truffle Stout 440ml  4.2% ABV

2 x Erdinger Weisbier 500ml 5.3%

1 x Northern Monk Patrons Project Imperial Banana Cronut Stout 440ml 14% ABV

1 x YellowBelly Tin Can of Emotion DIPA 440ml 9.5% ABV

1 x Gipsy Hill Big Baller Triple IPA 440ml 11.3% ABV

1 x Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction Chocolate & Coconut Porter 473% 4.5% ABV

1 x Pohjala x Fuerst Wiacek Albini New England DIPA 440ml 8% 





We reserve the right to exchange any can for an item of equal or greater value.