Garage - Aporia Export Stout w/Coffee 440ml Can 8% ABV

€5.50 €6.05

Brewed by: Garage Beer Co.

Style: Stout

Country of Origin: Spain

We've been longing to do a higher abv non pas- try stout for a long time now and finally here it is. Our Coffee Export Stout. Absolutely packed with an immense malt bill of no less than 6 different malts plus roasted barley, loads of flaked oats and beautiful coffee from our local coffee roasting friends, Three Marks Coffee. This is one for the malt lovers..... And the coffee lovers. A luscious, creamy mouthfeel from the oat packed grist frames malt flavours of coffee, dark chocolate, licorice and a touch of smokey caramel. A touch of pleasing roast astringency is present but kept well in check to enhance drinkiability. With so much dark chocolate and coffee action going on from the dark malts, the coffee selection and addition was important so we enlisted the help of our friends at Three Marks to find a lighter roast coffee to provide a more complex edge to this stout. Additions of freshly brewed coffee as well as beans direct to the fermenter really give both a coffee depth of flavour and aroma making for one of our complex dark beers to date.